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Jacobs Agency Launches Integrated Cans Get You Cooking Campaign

CHICAGO, March 4, 2013 — In collaboration with the Can Manufacturers Institute, Jacobs Agency recently launched Cans Get You Cooking, a multi-year, fully integrated, national campaign. Jacobs Agency was awarded the CMI business out of a national RFP in Q2 2012.

The campaign kicked off February 1, which is National Canned Food Month, with a partnership with a nationally televised food and lifestyle series. The launch also included a robust, consumer-facing public relations program, partnerships with in-store registered dietitians, and a trade media advertising campaign.

Cans Get You Cooking builds on the insights from a new, comprehensive, values-based consumer research study that reveals consumers’ strong, positive associations with canned food. The campaign is designed to increase consumer awareness of the superior benefits of canned food and drive increased consumption.

“The goal of our innovative Cans Get You Cooking campaign is to reinforce the benefits of canned foods to current canned food users,” said Natasha Kesaji, VP of Client Services at Jacobs Agency. “Currently, 84% of Americans prepare or eat meals made with canned foods at least twice a month, and 34% do so at least three times a week. With this campaign, we want to establish a credible position for canned food among competitive packaging innovations and retail space while changing perceptions and showing how canned food fits seamlessly into consumers’ lifestyles.”

Jacobs Agency played a significant role in the campaign by developing a roll-out plan that included an integrated mix of vehicles. Additionally, the Agency established the visual identity for Cans Get You Cooking, which was translated to the online advertising campaign, a microsite and various communications tools.

To date, the campaign has achieved high consumer awareness and engagement through social media, and the PR strategy has secured a host of earned media coverage across national outlets.

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About Can Manufacturers Institute

CMI is the national trade association of the metal can manufacturing industry and its suppliers in the United States. The can industry accounts for the annual domestic production of approximately 124 billion food, beverage and other metal cans; which employs more than 28,000 people with plants in 33 states, Puerto Rico and American Samoa; and generates about $17.8 billion in direct economic activity. Our members are committed to providing safe, nutritious and refreshing canned food and beverages to consumers.




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